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Upgrading of Equipment in Traditional Industry "Machine Replacement" and Optimizing and Upgrading of Textile Industry
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With the rise of labor price, the labor cost of textile enterprises in China is increasing. To upgrade traditional industries with modern and automated equipment and promote technology dividend instead of population dividend has become an inevitable choice for China's textile industry to optimize and upgrade and sustained economic growth.

"Machine replacement" is to upgrade traditional industries with "modern, automated" equipment, to achieve the goal of "staff reduction, efficiency, quality improvement, security", and to improve the quality and level of enterprise development.

1. Automatic cotton blender and wool blender

With the development of spinning towards multi-component and multi-color fiber blending, how to make all kinds of fibers (or color) blend evenly is an important prerequisite for spinning yarns. By using digital intelligent automatic blender and wool blender instead of manual blending method, multi-component (multi-color) raw materials can be fully blended uniformly, and labor can be reduced by more than 2/3.

2. Blowing-carding Unit

Blowing-carding unit is a mature advanced technology, which omits cleaning block lathe workers and cotton roll transporters. At the same time, because there is no need to change cotton rolls manually, carding block lathe workers can expand the number of stands and save more than 50% of labor. The self-leveling device installed on carding machine can effectively control the weight difference of carding sliver, which is very beneficial to improve the yarn evenness; after opening and cleaning, cotton is always open. Feeding carding machine in loose state can not only improve carding degree of carding machine and reduce fiber damage, but also reduce neps in carding sliver.

3. Auto-leveling and auto-changing drawing machine

After the drawing machine adopts self-leveling technology, the on-line automatic control is realized. At the same time, the single-drawing process is adopted in the spinning of cotton combed yarn. When spinning blended yarn, the original three-way drawing process can be changed into two-way drawing process. As the number of drawing passes is reduced, the labor force can be saved by 1/2-1/3 and the energy consumption can be reduced. The drawing machine with automatic barrel changer can automatically change barrels three times without stopping, so that the shifter can change barrels one hour apart, which not only reduces the worker's labor intensity, but also enlarges the stand capacity.

4. Automatic Dropping and Roving Technology of Roving Frame

Roving-spinning technology will transfer the yarn automatically dropped from the roving frame to the roving frame of the spinning frame directly through the automatic control chain wheel transportation system, and return the empty roving tubes used up by the spinning frame to the roving frame for reserve. It can not only reduce the number of lathe blockers (about 50% less than the original), but also reduce the roving defects of artificial yarn dropping and improve the yarn quality.

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