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In 2017, the advantage of low consumption of weaving machinery in textile industry has attracted much attention.
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Under the market environment of low external demand and slow domestic demand in textile industry as a whole, influenced by uncertainties in raw material market and capital market, shuttleless looms in China have shown a certain decline in overall sales, imports and exports, except for water-jet looms, compared with the same period last year. Generally speaking, in the first three quarters of 2016, although China's weaving machinery was affected by the external market demand slowdown factors, resulting in a significant decline in all kinds of loom exports, but the domestic market is running smoothly.

With the arrival of the traditional sales peak season of weaving machinery in the fourth quarter, as well as the clear market segmentation of domestic enterprises, and the formation of favorable financial conditions, although the data have not yet been released, it can be predicted that the operation of weaving machinery in 2016 is better than in 2015. With the development of high-tech and new raw materials, new textile processing technologies emerge in an endless stream in 2017, which improves the quality of textiles and broadens the application fields of textiles.

There are still many difficulties faced by textile processing industry, such as shortage of raw materials, improvement of energy saving and emission reduction requirements, rising labor costs, and acceleration of the development of strategic emerging industries, all of which put forward higher requirements for textile equipment and processing technology.

Therefore, the main development and innovation trend of new weaving technology and products in 2017 will be energy saving and consumption reduction, equipment technology innovation, quality improvement and differentiation innovation. Weaving enterprises will pay more attention to weaving equipment that can improve workers'labor intensity and working environment.

In addition, weaving equipment that can meet new fields, new demands and promote industrial structure optimization, with advantages of energy saving, emission reduction, low consumption and low carbon, as well as continuous, automated, efficient and modular weaving equipment will be more popular. At the same time, the high-end parts that can be matched with it will also have a great market space.

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