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Shoe Machine
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The fourth generation shoe upper machine, excellent performance, stable, quality. Single carriage dual-system or three-system is equipped with 16 yarn feeders, high position rollers, cross-sinker, dynamic density, motor control reversing carriage, adjustable tight tuck. Digital technology, high-speed and efficient to achieve 3D knitting full shape, semi-shape, socks shoes, cutting shape, plain cloth. C model machine with unique yarn-pressing technology to achieve non-knitting filling and pressing. With a pointelle,tuck, jacquard. intarsia, full needle jacquard, apparent shape,

hidden shape, and other irregular patterns. Standard option of high-strength special needles for Fly Knit shoe upper production, wide application, long life. Suitable for all kinds of shoe upper

yarns, the production of Fly Knit shoe uppers.

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knitting width: 2236667280(inches)